I have been lost for quite sometime now trying to find a place in the big wide world. I am but a speck of dust floating in vacuum! This silly heart hurts because of all the chaos around and within, the wise mind can’t explain how in each beat this heart defies the pain and how it makes me live.

People around us might look away, and not see us ’cause they might choose to be blind. However, when we look inside our innermost selves, somehow we all exist in each other, we create presence, sometimes as an inexplicable feeling of freedom in someone, sometimes as a contagious laughter that shatters the barrier of silence and many a time as fear that would eventually in the right time metamorphose into strength, sometimes as sadness that would escape as tears.

Without a doubt, life is misery and beauty. Nobody told life is a garden of roses nevertheless everyday need not be a struggle when you chose to embrace all your flaws, own your pain and joy completely. Being in love with self is important, there’s only one us.

We have a lot of sunrise and sunset to paint life with all the colors we choose. Paint every day, what a beautiful masterpiece our lives will be!

~ NoveBorn (PTR)






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